Gurminder Singh

President of Transformative Capital

Gurminder Singh is a noted authority on finance, enterprise, business and technology development. Dr. Singh has practical application development experience in information system design, network and software architectures. Gurminder is also technologist and has broad business experience developing practical applications and strategies for various companies in technology and enterprise development. He currently applies his technical expertise and business experience to offer organizational development, business re-engineering, technical consulting and capital formation, with special emphasis on green technologies, organizational development, telecommunications and technology development.

As Co-Chairman of the Green Technology Institute, an initiative of the Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation at UCLA, Dr. Singh has created various programs such a s the Green Technology Leadership Lecture Series, the Green Technology Entrepreneurial Forum, the Green Technology Global Expo and Conference. He is also Chairman of the Global Council For Social, Economic, Environmental & Educational Relations, a think-and-do organization developing new quality-of-life metrics, indices and associated tools. In the area of green technologies, Dr. Singh has provided consulting services to a cellulosic ethanol production companies in capital raising efforts, developing strategic partnerships, global joint ventures, ethanol wholesale and retail distribution strategies.

Gurminder Singh brings unique insights and creativity to business design and capital formation activities based on over 20 years of broad experience including mergers and acquisitions, technology and bond underwriting, alternative investments, securities and derivatives trading, consulting and international business development. For over 20 years, he has been involved as a entrepreneur, has started several consulting and technology-related companies. He developed the “Definitive Study for Telecommunication Economics” for the creation of multi-lateral finance instruments for the privatization of global government-owned telecommunication companies in the 1980s and 1990s. Pioneering the development of an entirely new market in the early 90s, he was instrumental in the development of the US Prepaid Calling Card industry and the international "callback" calling industry. This was done in unison with Dr. Larry Brilliant, most recently the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Cometa Networks Inc, a wireless WiFi company started together with Intel, AT&T and IBM.

Gurminder is also the Chief Architect of the Self-Adaptive Intelligent Network Technologies utilized for middleware integration for enterprise systems, cross device networks, QoS and Protocol management. He currently provides consulting for the development of wireless PAN, LAN, MAN, WAN & GAN & wireless middleware technologies. Concurrently, he advises the security and entertainment industries to develop strategies for scalable compression & encryption technologies. Presently, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of Advisers of Uponus Technologies Inc in Chicago, which is developing groundbreaking algorithms and patent pending technologies for scalable compression and encryption. He was Asia/Pacific Consultant to Zero Degrees Inc, a subsidiary of Barry Diller's Interactive Corp; Zero Degrees, Inc
Gurminder recently started a new venture with his younger brother in Singapore: Earth Networks Television, working with leading experts in educational, economic, entrepreneurship, empowerment, environmental and entertainment development.