Roger DeVito

Vice President of Finance and Business Affairs
Transformative Energy & Environment, Inc.

Mr. De Vito brings expertise built on more than 35 years of experience as an energy services professional and attorney specializing in private power generation, project development, finance, acquisition, evaluation and management.  In his career, Mr. De Vito has played a pivotal role in energy projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.  With a legal, contractual, and financial background combined with extensive project development expertise offers a wide range of services to energy sector companies and the capabilities of managing virtually all aspects of an acquisition of power related entities and or assets, or the development of a project from its inception.

Prior to joining Transformative, Mr. De Vito co-founded Edge Energy & Environment Holdings, LLC (“E3”), a green energy development company that focuses on the acquisition of interests in projects and/or companies in the United States in the renewable energy sector and utilizes its expertise and industry depth to complete the development and financing of such projects in a successful manner.  As Managing Partner for E3, Mr. De Vito is responsible for identifying and securing positions in power projects whereby E3 Holdings becomes a co-developer and retains a carried interest in the projects with the right to make direct equity investments.  E3 Holdings also seeks to secure the right to provide “project financing” expertise to development companies under a disciplined approach to identify and select the entities in this sector with the highest likelihood of success and apply its resources to assist that entity.

Between 2004 thru 2007, Mr. De Vito, as Managing Director for Tersus Energy, Plc., was responsible for securing, structuring, negotiating and documenting renewable energy project opportunities in the Asian energy sector, including China , the Philippines and South Korea for Tersus Energy’s Asian renewable energy division.  While with Tersus, Mr. De Vito completed several major investment transactions between Tersus and a Chinese power developer and a Chinese wind turbine blade manufacturer. Also, he structured and completed a joint arrangement with a strategic partner for the development of more than 500MW of wind and 50MW of solar power in South Korea And participated in the acquisition of a 160MW wind facility in the Philippines .

From 1997 to 2004, Mr. De Vito was the President of Hudson Crossing, a company providing management and financial consulting services to power sector companies in connection with the development and/or acquisition of power related projects.  At Hudson Crossing, Mr. De Vito provided expertise in the areas of: (a) project feasibility (identification of risks that need to be mitigated or re-allocated); (b) project structuring (determination of financing issues and mitigating such concerns by a re-allocation of those risks); (c) providing conceptual and detailed analysis (valuation, development, permitting, environmental issues and contract negotiation and documentation); and (d) financing of projects (negotiating key project agreements so as to allocate the risks in a balanced manner and coordinating the satisfaction of all of the conditions to close the financing for the project).  Mr. De Vito played a pivotal role in six major project developments totaling 685MW and over $800M and the acquisition of a utility with a value of over $200M. 

From 1989 to 1997, Mr. De Vito was the Managing Partner of PDC Group, Ltd., which provided conceptual and detailed analysis to companies in the following areas: due diligence; project and corporate valuation; permitting; environmental assessment; contract negotiation and documentation; development and implementation of financing structures; contract and project management.  Mr. De Vito was responsible for the origination, structure, development, financing and management of private power projects, playing a major role in five project developments totaling 480MW and over $650M as well as the acquisition of a privately held power company with a value of over $50M.

Between 1981 and 1989, Mr. De Vito was the CFO and EVP responsible for Sunlaw's capital and financial requirements, the coordination of project development efforts through the preparation and finalization of the financing and the administration of corporate and project business and legal affairs.  Mr. De Vito acted as General Counsel for project development, was responsible for supervising day-to-day corporation operation and was associated with Sunlaw since its inception.  In addition, Mr. DeVito was involved in the negotiation and documentation of power and thermal sales agreements for alternative energy systems for several major companies, and in the implementation of the financing structure required by these types of energy projects.  Mr. De Vito served as one of three key team members responsible for the development, financing and construction of two 30MW power facilities in Los Angeles that were the first independent energy projects “project financed” in the United States.

Mr. De Vito is a member of the California State Bar and holds a Juris Doctorate, a Masters in economics and a B.S. in mathematics.