Transformative, Inc. helps companies obtain the resources they need to succeed, whether those resources be capital, human, technology, market and/or business resources.

To help companies accelerate and increase their success, Transformative utilizes its expertise in finance, law, business, entrepreneurship, technology development, sales & marketing, leadership and corporate wellness to pro-actively deliver the strategy, tactics and resources required to help companies go from good to great!

The company’s management and affiliates have participated in over $400 million in transactions and have relationships with $100 billion in capital.

Transformative focuses its energy and resources on companies and clients that provide a significant social and environmental impact.  We affectionately call these W.E.S.T. industries.


These industries, which worldwide have an aggregate market of over $1 trillion, include the following:

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Organic Products
    • Food & beverage
    • Personal hygiene, skin and beauty products
    • Clothing
  • Eco home and office products
  • Evolutionary Travel, Workshops, Conferences & Events
    • Ecological
    • Educational
    • Spiritual 
    • Wellness 
    • Social 
  • Apps for life optimization, sharing economy and awareness 
  • Innovation in Exercise & Movement
  • Mindfulness

Sustainable and Regenerative Economy

  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Water Technologies & Infrastructure
  • Smart & Healthy Cities, Communities & Homes
  • Renewable & Clean Energy
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Renewable Bio-Materials
  • Waste-to-Energy & Waste Upcycling
  • Synergistic Systems Integration
  • Ethical Nanotechnology
  • Solutions for Ecosystemic Thriving
  • Living Buildings & Affordable Living Solutions
  • Regenerative Co-Working & Innovation Hubs


Transformative Education, Media, Experiences & Solutions

  • Interactive & Applied Education
  • Regenerative Education Centers
  • Inspiring & Educational Music, Film, Art, Dance & Games
  • Solutions for Local Living Economies & Community Development
  • Currency & Value Exchange Solutions
  • Social Innovation focused on cultural & environmental healing
  • Solutions for Healing the Workplace
  • Transforming Intimacy & Relationships
  • Transformational Economic Metrics & Fintech

Alternative Healthcare

  • Regenerative & Integrated Medicine
    • Multi-Disciplinary Integration Apps
    • Integrated & Holistic Medicine Programs for Optimal Wellness
    • Environmental Health
    • Cleanses & Detoxification
    • Holistic Body-Mind-Energy-Nature Medicine
  • Non-Invasive Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Equipment
  • Innovative Wellness Facilities
  • Epigenetics Applications
  • Quantified Self & Biometrics
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Diagnostics
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Effective & Scientifically Validated Alternative Health Remedies


Our mission is to improve the quality of life and create eco-systemic thriving for people & planet while also delivering great value, wealth and abundance for entrepreneurs, executives, investors, shareholders, employees and communities by fostering the “Regenerative Economy". We seek to achieve our mission through the convergence of Purpose, Passion, People, Planet & Profits (the “5-Ps”) by fostering transformative companies that are devoted to advancing the health, thriving and harmony of humankind, while achieving compelling profitability.


"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." - Charles Darwin
“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

If you don’t want to compete - innovate!  

Transformative’s strategy is firmly based upon innovation, creativity, collaboration and execution.  We help companies develop a culture of co-creative collaboration and visionary thinking that leads to executable innovative solutions with unique market value.  

By taking a holistic approach that focuses the transformative impact of a company to deliver positive results for all stakeholders, (e.g., customers, shareholders, executives, employees, communities, and the planet), the success, brand and value of the company can be exponentially increased.

  • Developing an integrated strategic plan that incorporates the 5-Ps, objective value-driven milestones and a clear trajectory for achieving great success
  • Aligning the company’s purpose, vision, mission, goals & objectives with its core values and principles
  • Focusing the company’s efforts on innovation, collaboration and providing value
  • Identifying compelling market and revenue opportunities
  • Developing and executing on capital stack strategies that increase ability to rapidly scale while reducing dilution 
  • Advising on leadership, corporate wellness and organizational transformation (See Transformative Group)
  • Developing executable exit and liquidity strategies for entrepreneurs and shareholders including IPO, M&A, strategic integration, reverse mergers, licensing and joint ventures


Transformative has built an extensive network of executives, private equity funds, venture funds, hedge funds, debt funds, commercial lenders and businesses to support the human, capital and market resource needs of our clients and portfolio companies.

Transformative welcomes the opportunity to evaluate public and private companies that meet the Transformative investment criteria. Transformative will act as an investor on a very selective basis primarily focusing on bridge financing with defined exits.

Contact us to submit business plans and make general inquires.

Transformative works with our clients as part of their team to provide value-added services that include:

  1. Strategic advisory

  2. Outsourced management

  3. Debt, equity & alternative financing

  4. Sales & marketing

  5. Team building

  6. Consulting and mentoring

  7. Exit strategies.


Companies have different needs depending upon the stage, industry, purpose, mission, goals and objectives of each company, as well as market conditions. Transformative provides adaptable, scalable and innovative services customized for each company to help them achieve their outcomes and accelerate exponential success.

Early Stage Companies

Innovation most often comes from entrepreneurs and early stage companies, however, they often need capital, people, product development, infrastructure and sales to successfully achieve their goals. Much like tying their shoes while running, they are faced with the need to establish all of these things in parallel in order to successfully execute.  Transformative helps support, focus and fulfill these parallel efforts, allowing entrepreneurs and existing management to focus on their core business. 

We also are respectful of the commitment of our entrepreneurs, and strive to protect their need to fulfill their vision and benefit from their hard work. Unlike traditional venture capital or angel investors, we work with our early-stage companies and clients to strategically engineer the alignment of purpose, vision, mission, goals and objectives to develop a clear, aligned and systematic plan for achieving company goals and objectives with the least amount of time and dilution.

We also help develop collaborative relationships and opportunities that provide alternatives to traditional financing in order to promote the ability of the company to rapidly scale with the least amount of debt and dilution.


Micro and Small Cap Public Companies

There is an abundance of micro and small cap public companies that have viable businesses (e.g., cash-flow breakeven or better, predictable revenue), capable management teams, sound infrastructure and established sales channels. However, their financial projections are no longer attractive to the investment community. They require new and innovative product and service offerings, management and/or capital to rekindle interest in their stock and make them attractive for new financing or acquisition.

With our post-merger and public company clients, we provide access to highly experienced professionals, such as broker-dealers, market makers, IRPR firms, lawyers and accountants and provide advisory services targeted at increasing company revenues, profitability and the value of shareholder equity. Moreover, we provide access to a myriad of financing alternatives, such as equity investment, convertible debt, standby equity distribution agreements, asset based lending, receivables and purchase order financing, lease financing and bonds.


Mid and Large Cap Public Companies

Many established mid and large cap companies have amassed significant resources including capital, management, distribution, market share and sales, however, they are plagued with bureaucracy, inefficiency and lack of innovation.  They need to evolve in order to succeed in a world where innovation, agility, transparency to responsiveness to rapidly transforming markets is key to success.  These companies are consistently challenged to provide shareholder double-digit annual growth and are required to grow by 1) acquisition of companies that have proven innovative and relevant products that are growing market share, and/or 2) transforming their operating procedures, policies, systems and culture to foster innovation internally. 

Transformative provides mid and large cap companies with 1) highly valuable and relevant acquisition opportunities that allow these companies to leverage their P/E ratios and resources to immediately see post-acquisition returns, 2) consulting for the transformation of leadership and the company, and 3) futurist services for the development of innovative products and services that capture unseen massive market opportunities.

Public Companies

  • Access to compelling new technologies, products & services

  • Accelerated growth through strategic acquisitions

  • Revitalized revenue and profits

  • Increased valuations & interest from analysts and investors

  • Innovative and alternative finance

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Organizational Transformation

  • Leverage of public company valuations, capital, infrastructure and resources

  • Increased innovation, market leadership and enhanced brand equity

Early-Stage Companies

  • Funding & access to capital markets

  • Team expansion

  • Expedited time to market

  • Accelerated growth and/or expansion

  • Clear & aligned purpose, vision, mission, goals & objectives

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Increased valuation

  • Greater flexibility for entrepreneurial liquidity

Company Shareholders

  • Superior Returns

  • Accelerated Liquidity

  • Reduced Risk

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